• General Rules
  • Facilities in the room
  • Guest Services
  • General Facilities
  • Telephony and Communications
  • Emergency Services
  • Hotel Facilities



  • CHECK IN time: from 13.00 (should you want to check in before that time, the hotel reserves the right of an additional charge of 50% of your daily rate). The hotel does not guarantee to be able to grant an early check in.
  • CHECK OUT time: at 10.00 am. If you wish to leave later, please ask by dialing extension 0; it may generate an additional charge. The hotel does not guarantee to be able to grant a late check out.
  • For your convenience, please use the DO NOT DISTURB / YOU CAN DO THE ROOM door signs. They are in the door of the room, if they are not there, ask for them at extension 0.
  • Animals of any species are not allowed in the Hotel.
  • To be respectful to other guests, please do not make noise from midnight on.
  • People who are not registered are not allowed in the rooms.
  • Any object in the room that has been lost or damaged will be charged in your personal account.
  • Hanging towels, clothes or other items in the windows are not allowed.
  • Please, put the bathroom curtain inside the bath, in this way you will avoid discomfort after taking a bath.
  • Do not forget to keep doors and windows tightly closed when using the air conditioner; this will give an ideal performance.
  • Our Hotel has a commitment to the preservation of the Ecosystem, and it promotes the rational use of drinking water and of agents which may be harmful to the environment. Please, if you think changing the towels and bathroom carpets is unnecessary, follow the instructions in the corresponding signs.
  • In our Hotel there are rooms for smokers and non-smokers. If you prefer one of these, ask for a change in the Reception (extension 0). Such change of room is subject to availability. Smoking in Non-smoking rooms is absolutely forbidden. Unfulfillment may generate additional charges to your room due to cleaning and deodorization.
  • In compliance with a National Decree, it is strictly FORBIDDEN to smoke in all the closed public areas of the Hotel.



  • Alarm clock service: If you wish to use this service, please refer to the Reception, extension 0.
  • Minibar: All consumptions from the minibar are charged in the room bill; the price list is located in the basket on the desk. If you wish, we can remove all the items for sale from your minibar; refer to the Reception, extension 0.
  • Pillows and blankets: Should you need more pillows, dial 0 to ask for them. You will find supplementary blankets in the closet of your room. If you still need more blankets, dial 0 to ask for them.
  • Safety Box: The rules to use the safety box in your room are found in the regulations located by its side. Although they have been set up to provide the guest with good safety, under no circumstances is the Hotel responsible for the goods kept in such boxes. Should you need help to make it work, please contact the Reception, at extension 0.  In the case of rooms without this facility, there is a general safety coffer in the Hotel. Ask about it in the Reception, extension 0.



  • Buffet breakfast: Breakfast service is included in the rate and it is served in the 3rd floor. You can access this floor through the second lift until you reach the second floor and then one more floor using the stairs. You can ask for your breakfast to be taken to your room within the expected timetable. This service has an additional charge, you can ask about and for it at extension 0. People with difficulty to move are exempted from paying.
    • Timetable:
      • Mondays to Fridays from 07.00 to 10.30
      • Saturdays and Sundays from 07.00 to 11.00
  • Laundry: You can use our ironing and laundry service. If you want to do so, refer to the fact sheet located inside the closet and ask for such service in the Reception, extension 0.
  • Massage Service: The Hotel has a relaxing and aesthetic massage service that must be scheduled in advance.  The massage options can be seen in the price list in the basket on the desk or you can ask in Reception, extension 0.
  • Food: The Hotel does not have its own Restaurant. There is an exclusive Delivery service from Trouville Pizzeria, telephone number: 4723022.
  • Forgot something: Generally, the Hotel can help you with some medicines free of charge; hygiene or personal use products that you may have forgotten to bring. If in need of something, refer to the Reception, extension 0. Some of these products may generate a charge to the room bill, in such case you will be previously informed by our staff. With regard to objects that you may have forgotten, the Hotel has a record system of forgotten items. We will make every effort to let you know about your forgotten item as soon as possible, and we will try to see what we can do with it. It is the Hotel Policy that forgotten items that are not given back will be stored for a maximum of 6 months.



  • Elevators: The Hotel is communicated with its different levels by two units of elevators: one opposite the Reception and the second one at the end of the Lobby and halfway of each corridor of the first and second floor. The second elevator reaches the underground / garage.
  • Parking​: The Hotel has parking with cost subject to availability.
  • Electricity / Adapters​: Electricity in the power points or sockets of your room is 220 volts, 50 cycles. Should you need adapters of any type, ask for them in the Reception, extension 0. They will be lent, and should they not be given back, they will be charged in your room bill.
  • Meeting or Congress Room and Catering:There is an air conditioned room in the Hotel for events with capacity for 140 people in amphitheater modality. It has audio system (loudspeakers, wireless head and foot microphones, projector and projecting screen); Wi-Fi and restrooms exclusively for people with difficulty to move. In addition, we can offer coffee breaks, cocktails and catering services.  For more information please refer to the Sales staff in the Reception, or dial 501.



  • Internet: There is a Business Center in the Hotel, located in the Hotel Lobby.  In addition, there is WI-FI throughout the Hotel, you can find the User and Password in the card holder or case of your room or ask for it in the Reception, extension 0. 
  • Fax Service: You can receive or send faxes, 24 hours a day. To do so, contact our Reception (ext 0) to get some help. Our direct fax number is (00598) 4722 0525.
  • Phone Rates ​
    • Local and national telephone calls: free of charge.
    • National cellphone calls and international calls: will be charged with the rates indicated in the respective brochure. Any doubt you may have, please dial extension 0.
    • To contact the Hotel Reception and Lobby please dial extension 0.
    • The Hotel telephone number is (00598) 47220525.
    • To dial from one room to another dial 5 (than the room number).
    • You can make external phone calls (outside the hotel): please dial 9 before the number to get the dial tone.
  • For international phone calls:
    • Dial 9 to get the dial tone + 00 + country code + city code + subscriber number.
  • For national phone calls:
    • Dial 9 to get the free dial tone, then dial city code + subscriber number (8 numbers in total).
  • Local phone calls:
    • Dial 9 + 472 + subscriber number (5 numbers).
  • Montevideo:
    • Dial 9 + subscriber number (8 numbers).
  • Cell phones:
    • Dial 9 + subscriber number (9 numbers).
  • Argentina
    • Buenos Aires: Dial 9 + 00 + 54 + 11 + subscriber number
    • Córdoba: Dial 9 + 00 + 54 + 351 + subscriber number
    • Rosario: Dial 9 + 00 + 54 + 341 + subscriber number ​
  • Brasil
    • Porto Alegre: Dial 9 + 00 + 55 + 51 + subscriber number
    • San Pablo: Dial 9 + 00 + 55 + 11 + subscriber number
    • Río de Janeiro: Dial 9 + 00 + 55 + 21 + subscriber number
  • Chile
    • Santiago: Dial 9 + 00 + 56 + 2 + subscriber number



Mobile Medical Emergency

There is medical coverage in the Hotel from a mobile medical emergency company, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for all those who are in the Hotel. Such service includes primary attention by a doctor in emergency cases, resuscitation and transfer to a medical center in case it is necessary. The Hotel provides this service, but it is not responsible for its results, as they are professional medical services provided by someone else who is independent with a contract with the Hotel. To ask for this service, which is free of charge, dial 0.

Emergency due to fire or other reasons

In case of fire, or any other emergency, dial 0. By the room door there is a map which shows the nearest exit. 

Please make sure you and your companions are familiar with the location of the emergency exits of the building, manual alarms and extinguishers. In the unlikely case of fire, please previously inform the Reception, extension 0, and follow these basic procedures until the Hotel Staff or the firefighters help you:

  1. Have the room key at hand.
  2. Check with the palm of your hand that the exit door of the room is not hot or whether there is smoke coming into through it and the door frame.
  3. If it is not hot, or there is not smoke coming into, open the door, look carefully to both sides, and go quickly to the nearest external exit.
  4. Do not try to solve the problem on your own. Putting out a fire involves specialized knowledge and training. If you pass by a manual alarm, pull it to make it work.

If the door is hot, or there is smoke coming in through it, or the exit hallway is blocked:

  1. Put wet towels in the door base.
  2. Notify the Reception giving the room number and your name.
  3. Turn off your air conditioner.
  4. If you cannot go out, keep yourself bent down and avoid inhaling smoke.

This information and recommendations have been compiled from sources which are believed to be reliable, and the best opinion regarding this issue. There is no guarantee of good results in them. It must be understood that all acceptable safety measures in this publication, or any other additional steps, may not be required under particular situations or exceptional circumstances.



  • Breakfast area in the third floor from 7:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. during the week. On Saturday and Sunday breakfast is served from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Breakfast is not self-served. There will be a hotel server to assit you.
  • Gym: You can reserve your time with our hotel receptionist. Only one person per gym use.
  • Message Service: Reserve your time with our hotel receptionist.
  • Internet WI-FI: Network: GHP Wi-Fi. Password: granhotel2020
  • Check in hours are from 13:00 and Check out is at 10:00 a.m.

Hotel Rooms are equipped with: Minibar, TV cable, Telephone with DDI, Air conditioner y High density mattresses, and laundry service

We have access to Wi-Fi all throughout our hotel and public areas.